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Old St. Peter'sOld St. Peters, though one of the best examples of its time, was in great disrepair. Pope Julius II wished to rebuild it completely. This, he thought, would help to immortalize him and contribute to the papacy's glory in Rome. Bramante was appointed to be the head architect and he spent most of the rest of his life working on it. However, because the project took over 120 years to complete, he was only really around for the destruction of it. When Pope Julius died, in 1513, Bramante was let go from his post St. Peter's Basilicaand Guiliano da Sangallo, Fra Giocondo and Raphael all because architects on it. Raphael of course died an early death at age 37. By two years later, Guiliano da Sangallo, Fra Giocondo, and Bramante were all dead as well. Antonio da Sangallo then came up with a plan that took into account the designs of himself, Raphael, Guiliano da Sangallo, Fra Giocondo, and Bramante. As was common with Michelangelo, he too was bullied into taking on the project against his will. By this time he was in his seventies.