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When Greece was finally conquered by Rome, its culture was far from lost. Many Greek ideas and culture were taken and adapted by the Romans. Aptly stated, "Captive Greece made Rome captive." The Romans, as hard as they tried, could never completely crush Grecian culture. Though there are clear differences between Roman works of art and architecture and Greek ones, the Romans definitely owed a lot of the Greeks. Imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery and that is exactly what the Romans did by making many stone copies of Greek original statues. Columns were used extensively as well, though Greeks would never have mixed different orders in the same building.

Our culture owes nearly as much to the Greeks as the Romans did. Our important buildings, such as banks and courts are clearly influenced by temples and other Greek designs. Coins with a profile image of a ruler as seen in the above banner is a Greek invention as well. Our way of thinking, in a very human-centered way, as well as our modern professions such as doctors and our politics all have their roots clearly planted in Ancient Greece.

Vancouver Art Gallery, with Ionic  influence